What is digital advertising? Well, it works much like an ATM. In the beginning, it’s one dollar in, two dollars come back out. Then over time, the goal is to increase your return. It takes money to make money, and digital advertising is your personal ATM machine that we will build on the internet for you using the best PPC strategies in Richmond. Collectively we have managed over one million dollars in ad spend and growing.


Have you ever wondered how particular businesses get featured on massive websites, news channels, radio stations and more? We used to wonder that as well, so we dedicated a branch of our business to press. We have built lasting relationships with some of the largest major publications on Earth. We have gotten our clients onto and even local brands such as NBC12 Richmond.


There are plenty of people out there who love to spend their time on social media and scrolling through news feeds and friend’s posts. However, when you’ve got a business to run – your time can be applied elsewhere in a much smarter fashion. Handoff your social media tasks and content creation to a professional that can create and schedule your posts for you instead. It’s just like being in two places at once. Start working on your business instead of being stuck inside of it.


One of the most critical parts of any business is understanding where your customers actually come from. If you don’t have an in-depth understanding of how your business acquires customers, then you’re in deep trouble. RVA Social provides a competitive analysis to pinpoint where your industry’s customers spend their time on the web. Then, we create a strategic plan based on search engine marketing to bring those searching customers straight to you.


Creativity has a place. Even though your business needs cashflow and sales to survive, it’s nice to have a comforting style and design to your brand. Even your website or Facebook page. People would obviously much rather look at something nice than something ugly. Let’s make sure your business and it’s assets do not fall under the “ugly” category. Whatya say?


Email is dead. That is not our opinion, that is a fact. The most forward-thinking and innovative businesses are now transitioning over to Facebook “chatbots” that can communicate with your customers the same way a “friend” would. We all know “it goes down in the DM” – except these DMs have a 90% open rate and a 40% clickthrough rate. You can even take ours for a spin here:


Who are you? No seriously, who is your company? It should have personality. It should have its own story and meaning. Why? It’s simple really. Have you ever met someone without much of an identity? They just seem to be floating through reality and not accomplishing much? Well, most businesses are similar to this sad story. Much like a 45-year-old living in their grandmother’s basement. Instead, let us tune up your company’s image and brand identity.


The in-person impression your business gives off truly matters. Most businesses have only put forward a “less than poor” effort into what actually happens when you meet a potential customer or client. Do you have an actual set process for what happens during an interaction at a networking event or meeting? Let us help you close the deal by putting a damn good business card in your hand.

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