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We live in an advanced technological age, and new Richmond VA digital marketing trends emerge every day. In fact, the landscape of digital marketing can transform so quickly over a few weeks or months that it is very difficult to keep up with effective methods while operating a business. In today’s advertising world, it is critical to consult with a professional marketing agency in order to get the maximum return on your advertising dollars. In this article, we’ll explore seven developing trends in digital marketing that can transform your marketing strategy.

Richmond VA Digital Marketing

The same tactics are used in Richmond as are used in Los Angeles, New York, or anywhere else. The only difference is that a regional marketing strategy is designed with local references in mind. For the moment, the fundamental concepts of Richmond VA digital marketing remain constant, but even the most basic building blocks of a modern strategy are likely to evolve over time. Here is a list of seven trends that could have a major impact on all upcoming digital marketing strategies.

  • Augmented reality
  • Visual search
  • Influencer marketing
  • Increased reliance on video
  • Customer specific marketing
  • Chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

People love to play with their phones, and advertisers are capitalizing on that impulse by introducing augmented reality advertising strategies. Using an app in combination with your cellphone camera, customers can examine a product in a grocery store and receive an augmented reality pitch. The camera enhances the view of the product, sometimes showing a visual advertisement that interacts with the product in the view screen of the phone. Augmented reality is in its developmental stages, but as digitally enhanced glasses become more prominent in the market, look for augmented reality to grow in significance.

Visual Search

With visual search, users can upload a photo of a product and do a search based on the image. This is particularly important if a customer has a picture of some item but they don’t know its name. Car parts, for example, would be easy to find using a visual search. Social media platforms like Pinterest have created massive visual databases that can be utilized for this marketing technique.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can be everything from celebrities to leaders in their field. Almost everyone has a digital platform these days, and popular individuals are able to affordably promote a product to their followers with tremendous results. Influencer marketing is much less expensive than hiring a celebrity spokesperson, and it can be just as effective.

Increased Video Usage

We already live in an era of a digital newspaper. As you scroll through your news source, you often activate videos either of ads or of news stories. Any moving picture whether it be a .gif or a video catches the eye and creates more engagement than a still picture, or plain text. An inexpensive, effective video is critical to the success of any modern marketing plan.

Customer Specific Marketing

There is more data available on potential customers now than there has ever been before. Advertisers can specifically target individuals who have recently been doing searches for products similar to the ones they offer. Customer specific marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing since it allows businesses direct contact with the individuals who are most likely to buy.


Chatbots are the online equivalent of the recorded message, but they are a far superior interface capable of addressing the customer needs much more efficiently. It is vital that businesses that use chatbots keep up to date with technology and offer the best possible chatbots available today.

Artificial Intelligence

Many, many trends fall under the category of artificial intelligence including chatbots and data analyzation strategies. With more and more data, it’s becoming critical to have superior programming to analyze and interpret data. Artificial intelligence is key for determining which individuals are the best potential customers and determining how best to draw their attention and interact with them.

Stay Ahead of the Trends and Your Competitors

The digital marketing industry transforms at a dizzying pace and it can feel overwhelming. For questions, or to develop a unique digital marketing plan, be sure to contact the friendly folks at RVA Social. A quality digital marketing agency can help you navigate the new trends and implement the cutting-edge technologies that will provide the greatest results for your advertising budget. It is important not to dismiss the developing trends of digital marketing or you risk a significant drop in brand visibility. Contact RVA Social to discuss a customized marketing plan today!