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What is PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most-known forms of marketing on the internet – and for a good reason: You only pay when someone actually interacts with your ad by clicking on it.

Compare this to radio or outdoor advertising where you’re required spend tens of thousands of dollars up front just to have the possibility of someone seeing your ad or contacting your business. Even in the event someone does contact your business after seeing a billboard or hearing a radio ad… how do you confirm that’s what generated the customer?

PPC ads solve this problem, creating much more consistency, predictability, and also the insight needed to scale on purpose – not by chance.

interest, demographic & geographic targeting

Show your ads only to people in a specific demographic, who have a specific interest or behaviour, and are in a preferred location.

robust tracking and analytics

See exactly how many times your ad was shown, how many times it was clicked, and how many users purchased your product or service.

virtually immediate results

Once your ads are approved by the advertising network (usually less than 24 hours), They will be eligible to start showing immediately. 

why use ppc ads?

PPC Advertising is cheap and often results in an unmatched return on your marketing dollars. More and more consumers use the internet as a critical step in the research phase of finding a product or service they need. Futhermore, PPC ads can be served to a very targeted audience of your choosing, which makes your marketing more efficient.

Some Statistics To Prove a Point

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who should use ppc ads?

Advertising through pay per click is extremely versatile, but there’s still a couple base-line questions you will want to answer before devising a strategy:


  • Do You Have a Marketing Budget?
  • Is your product or service something people search for online?
  • Do You Know How Much your Average Customer Is Worth?
  • Do you Know How Much your Currently Spending to Acquire a Customer?

how do you start a ppc advertising campaign?

There’s a HUGE amount of ppc advertising networks out there, but the two most popular and most utilized here at RVA Social is Google & Facebook. You’ll be required to make an advertising account for the networks you wish to run ads on. If you need help with PPC advertising, feel free to send us a message by clicking below.

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