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Did You Know?…  You can Turn
on the ‘very responsive’ Badge 
& emphasize ‘Message Now’ Button?


     Attention comes at a premium in the current online environment, so any business that wishes to stay relevant needs to be taking advantage of low-hanging fruit by making sure users have a low-resistance path to get in touch.

According to a study completed by AdRoll, including Facebook ‘call-to-action’ buttons increased clickthrough rates by 285%. 

     What if your business had 285% more people sending you messages? 

Heck, even if it only leads to a 20% increase in messages, it would still likely mean more business for you over the course of 12 months.

     When keeping that in mind, it becomes clear why seemingly small differences add up to make a big impact on the way customers interact with your business.


A pattern showing the menu of multiple world class brands' automated Messenger bot.

TRUE… to Capitalize on immediacy

     “ I don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. And no one wants to install a new app for every business or service that they interact with. We think you should be able to message a business, in the same way you would message a friend. ”


     Whether you agree with the above statement as a whole or not, one fact isn’t debatable; As time goes on, more and more consumers will expect to communicate with your business through Messenger.

     Messaging can be a preferred form of communication (especially among millenials) because it is convenient and quick.

Instead of having to compose an email and follow up by phone just to inquire about a business’ services, chat allows an interested party to ask as little or as much as they want – and still be presented with an answer by the time they check their phone again in 15 minutes.

     Traditional support channels like phone and email, although the preferred mediums for some, usually take a larger commitment on behalf of the customer which leads to increased anxiety.

By providing a path of low resistance through Messenger, you have a chance to relieve consumer anxiety and win the business of a customer who wouldn’t have been accessible through previously established channels.

     Stress free and fast; that’s the way to a customers heart.

     This idea is backed up by a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, which found that companies who respond to an online inquiry within 1 hour are 60x more likely to generate a qualified lead compared to those who respond after 24 hours.

Answering messages immediately increases your chances of generating a qualified lead by 6000%

A young fashionable woman wearing a scarf engages a company through the Facebook Messenger app on her cell phone

true… to Create more repeat business

     Every business owner knows that a good customer experience helps lead to a long-term relationship, and long-term customers often account for the majority of a businesses revenue. Now consider that in a report commissioned by Oracle, 89% of consumers reported taking their business to a competitor after a poor customer experience…

So if repeat customers sustain your business and almost 9 in 10 consumers are ready to jump ship after a bad customer experience, where does that leave you?

Hopefully answering your messages. 

A Snapshot of Customer Experience

  • Moved to a competitor after bad customer experience 89% 89%
  • Give brands only 1 week to respond before they stop doing business 50% 50%
  • Expectations weren’t met because the business was unavailable 58% 58%
  • Are willing to pay a higher price for a better cutomer experience 86% 86%
  • Report voicing a complaint online that was ignored 79% 79%
  • Claim companies are clueless; they have more knowledge than CS rep 57% 57%

automating your business page messages

     If you accept the fact that the amount of messages your business page receives will increase over time, the next question is: How can you possibly answer them all?

Traditionally, with a volume of phone inquiries, you’d have to develop or outsource a call center. That takes a lot of money and even more effort…

so the answer was automation – an efficient, cheap, & consistent solution.

     Businesses today are facing the same struggle with Facebook messages, and the solutions are the same: you either have a team dedicated to answering all messages – or you make it automated. 

We take advantage of technology that allows us to provide answers to messages instantly through automation, just click below to see how it works in real time: