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If you’re running a company with a major online footprint, running your social media and internet presence can take a big bite out of time better spent on developing your product. That’s why many companies are turning to full-service digital marketing agencies to run their online presence. A digital marketing agency is a high-tech business that uses the best software and analytical tools to run the online presence of the companies that hire it.

Unfortunately, many digital marketing agencies make the same mistakes as companies that try to do it themselves, and these mistakes are avoidable. We’re RVA Social, a full-service digital marketing agency serving the greater Richmond area, and we’re dedicated to doing it better. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common mistakes of digital marketing agencies, and how we plan to avoid them and give you the best results possible for your brand.

Common Digital Marketing Agency Mistakes and How We Do It Better

Going Too Broad

Many digital marketing agencies try to come out of the gate offering a wide variety of services, often combining content and SEO services with website building and other coding-heavy projects. At our agency, we believe in playing to our strengths and ensuring quality service. We’re concentrating our efforts on the marketing side of the business, offering an all-encompassing digital marketing plan for your business.

Relying Too Heavily on Outsourcing

The top benefit of hiring digital marketing agencies is to outsource the hard work of running a company’s digital footprint – but too many agencies outsource part of that work to a third party. A lack of oversight can lead to substandard work, which the company takes the blame for when the client is dissatisfied. At our agency, you can be assured that your marketing will be performed by our in-house team trained in specialized areas.

Relying Too Heavily on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have audiences of billions, so they can look like an easy win for digital marketing agencies to market their clients. The problem is that thousands of other businesses are trying the same thing. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy won’t rely too heavily on a single element of the strategy.

Neglecting “Old-School” Marketing

Companies that rely heavily on social media marketing are likely to neglect traditional marketing strategies like e-mail marketing. This is a mistake, because loyalty is more important than clicks and views. We prioritize e-mail marketing because we’ve found that potential customers who sign up for an email list are more likely to become paying customers or members.

Not Being Transparent about Results

There are two parts of the client-agency relationship where face-to-face meetings are common – the strategy session, and the analysis of the results. One of the big selling points of digital marketing agencies is our access to top statistical tools that measure the success of a campaign, but many companies ply clients with vague statements. Ar our agency, we’re client-focused and want to give you a clear picture of your results.

Taking On Too Many Clients

A full-service digital marketing agency is only as good as the personal service it provides each client, so it’s important not to over-extend. Over-extended agencies fall prey to impersonal service and unprofessional tactics like managing multiple clients from the same account. We keep our client base smaller and give each client our full attention.

Digital Marketing, Done Right

Full-service digital marketing agencies take the work of maintaining an online presence and put it where it belongs – with digital marketing experts that let you focus on your product. If you think a digital marketing agency is right for your company, contact RVA Social Digital Marketing Content to set up a consultation today.